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GBU-15 Smart Bomb
A U.S. F-4E Phantom II fighter-bomber drops a GBU-15 smart bomb during an exercise. This type of smart bomb uses either video or heat-seeking infrared guidance to steer the bomb toward its target. Other smart bombs follow a laser beam pointed at the target. The laser can be aimed by the pilot or by a soldier on the ground.

F-16s in Flight
Because of its innovative design, the F-16, which is considered by some experts to be the best fighter ever built, is smaller, faster, and cheaper than its counterparts. The F-16 carries few bombs or missiles, relying instead on its impressive speed and maneuverability for defense.
U-2 Reconnaissance Aircraft
The U-2 reconnaissance plane can fly at altitudes up to about 30,000 m (90,000 ft). It carries high resolution cameras and specialized radar to provide intelligence information to United States military and political leaders.
Air-Launched Missile
Air-launched missiles are aimed at other airborne targets or at ground objects. This F-15 fighter jet launches a combat missile while in flight.
British Military Plane
Military planes serve a variety of functions, including cargo transport, observation duties, training, and combat. Combat planes, such as the F-3 Fighter of the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom (shown above), are generally designed to be fast, strong, and highly maneuverable.